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When we pray

"It's not a lesson it's not a song it's not a thought that went wrong. It was a sound a touch a feel, that made your world turn around. The prayers the loves said to cover my daughter son father mother friend. Let them know who your are and hide your word in there heart.

When we pray it's a conversation God is with you, it's a prayer of Affermation I trust in you. Prayer is all I have prayer is all I need. When we pray it's my connection to you Lord for my soul to be renewed."

That's a small part of a song I am working on

But yes when you pray it is a conversation a connection to speak with God we are asking him for something weather it's for to change the minds of employers to hire you. Or a man to love you with the love God has for you. A mentally challenged situation that you would like to be removed, simple peace, understanding what happened to your family that just past. Why God allowed anything bad to happen.

1st and foremost ! If you think allowed anything change that! That is the works of the devil. God is all things good love peace joy happiness. He gives it to you and wants that for you. But this petty little angel we may never see wants an end to all of this.

We just have to think God for that protection. Y'all just don't know half the people could have been gone but the prayer of God stop it ! I am a living witness. 2Samule 22:2 This is the love of God for he is my rock my shield my friend, I call on him and he is worthy to be praised. David's love for God in this passage is what everyone should know read and feel. Because it's true ! It's nothing but perfect The Lord has and will continue to love all of us and we should only do so much but listen to a God that did everything and is doing everything for us. Why would you not. He is the main on that has your back against all odds and have the power to fix anything!!! You must be crazy if this is not enough for you.

"The lord is my stay" I was live in this forever. Praying is the start of anything built with God. Love you lord

"Side note"

I want to make sure that no one reading this is locked out and don't have a voice if your feeling that you need to get something out let this be a place for you nothing is off limits. If you knew me or know me now I am far from perfect and never would be worthy enough to become a vessel but you are called and it's time to start listening to God.

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