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GodsLove is Everything

"I am now all about me ; I knew how great they where to begin with ; so I want to make sure they know how great I am to begin with. "

Will this ever happen; sometimes I think a guy is out there for me and only me , I feel that one person is a "meant to be " person for them can be for me. Then the world hits and makes it so ugly and tear hearts and destroy chances and feelings are lost. I want to genuinely love and I love hard for all relationships they know who they are I was good to you and for you but it's my time that I am cater to. I have a father that is the one and only ; no one will live up to his standards but when it come to a heart you can focus on protecting it from bad things and only want the best , that is what I ask God for. I want that man to go through my dad and heavily Farther to get to me. If it's not that it's no longer possible for me.

When was the last time you was thought about when was the last time someone thought about what was going on with you. Now we getting a little personal but these are things I hear from a lot of women and even women on TV. Someone out there has the same story . We steady doing for other and open our hearts up to them and lose ourselves. So now your bitter and come to a realization to not let them take anything from you. That doesn't mean be hard and mea it just mean slow down and look at the things they do the way they answer questions is it scripted or do they mean it. Pay attention to what music they listen to or how they react to certain things. Praying is major it's what opens every key to what a person is doing towards you I am a witness God has revealed a lot about things that were once hidden and now I see it. This time I have God to protect my heart. When a man like God that has my heart he will reveal that man to Me.

Just because they trampled on your heart doesn't mean you abjure to console your heart, you can't find someone to care for it.

But if it comes to it; heal yourself make sure you love yourself before you open up to someone that tries. With loving yourself you wouldn't except anything less then from someone else.

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