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Strength In Motherhood

Single Moms I know how you feel!

I know how you feel when you want to look like you have it all figured out but in reality you need help and want help.

I know how you feel when you child is scared of the dark and your so tired you just want them to go to bed but you have to be momma there is no one there. You are the general the manger the employee and the consular, and don't even tell about if someone tell your child something that will effect them you have to be careful about who talks to them influence them and protect there innocent.

All of while paying bills keeping a smile on being there for others being a good friend showing up for others. Sometime you want to be selfish and don't want to share your time don't want to take that drive, don't want to show up and put on clothes. I want to peacefully say no and not be judge upon it. You don't know how hard it is just to wake up knowing something is going on today either your child test your authority and your the only person that can check them. You wake up and you child's breath is humming you brush there teeth but that one annoying kids in there class keeps calling him out on it. You worry about how your child feels about someone talking about them. You worry all the time all day. Imagine God ! Imagine the way he love us and take all that and only wants us women to love others , you let God handel your worries , he want you to pour your love on the poor , helpless , let God take care of your child's mind , and you provide the food for your family, have faith God provides a way to get money for the bills and you live your life confidently. Show yourself you have it handled. God controls the narrative you live it. With prayer believe it it is done if you don't keep saying it to yourself until you do. I am Strong I am smart I am God fearing. I am wise. In Gods name he made it so.

Keep some faith in your pocket when you cry yourselves to sleep God will cover your heart . I know this personally went through that situation my heart was hurt for feeling smalling being in a relationship that was never meant to be,l. A constant reminder I wasn't married with kids now I tell myself who is worthy enough to take care of a Queen and her princes we won't stand for just anybody. I keep myself on high standards sorry if you tried and failed God has someone special for me and my family and he hasn't came yet. Lol

So hold your self up single moms! God is molding that man just for you because you are special and need a special man!

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