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Iron sharpens Iron One person sharpens another

With good measure and good intend speak life to the ones around you. Bring the like minded ones in your life so that everyone can uplift everyone. Seek wise consule on who may be a pretender. May god give you a gift of sight for the wicked soul. See hearts on the selves and mend your mind to approach them with kindness. When seeking consule it is to look for the behaviors of Christ and follow the letters of Gods words not people who is of the world and seek fools. For your hand would become there hands in art of foolery. Blind leading the blind. Become prudent and aware of your surroundings hide your thoughts and soul from evil.

Make plans to keep and act accordingly, a person with words is smart a person with action verb is wise.

If you want to know the knowledge, language, and wisdom, a key to understanding and succes .Read the book of Proverbs it has everything you shall know and need to become a good person and understanding others around you. It's giving me peace with what drama I had in my life and it's giving me a good understanding on why some peoples ways , not everyone will be understood but as a human is not my Job to change them it's my Job to let them know what God told me to tell you. I am seeking to become wiser in the word and know my relationship with God. Everybody have there own relationship with God it's not going to be the same just like you don't have the same relationships with other people in your life.

It takes a village to keep a child safe it takes a village's to raise a child unto a women or a man . So please be careful what you do and say around you babies they are always listing. If you where to say anything to them or show them show them God who is good.

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