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Let IT Go

Once upon a time there was a girl who only saw the good in people and only wished them well. There was a good friend ; so she thought. So all through secondary school this friend would hang out with her and her boyfriend or friend she would like for time to time through out the years. Well one guy to approached her about her friend stated she was very cunning. She was then told over and over for a year that your friend is not your friend. She finally saw her kissing this guy that was supposed to be the guy she was talking to. So with out warning she stopped talking to all of them ; because of the hurt she carried it through her life. She didn't have another friend and did not trust anyone from this point on. All hope was lost until she meet a co worker that showed her friendship at first she was holding back now they are the best of friends.

Through the journey she took with her (co worker) they discussed issues she has had with other friends in her life as well. They shared stories that was similar to her own they felt in such a way others may not feel. She slowly begun to forgive her friend from 15 years back. With the help of her (co worker). They played a part of each other self therapy.

I want to say this if there is someone that has hurt you and or that played a major part of why your so angry. Let it go your stopping a blessing; your stoping a friend that can have your back;a man that wants to love you. Not ever person is the same. Just like not job is the same. Not ever paycheck , not every relationship with a family member is the same. You must also not forget that when someone has done wrong to you it's not your job to make them change. They have to do that all on there own.

It's time you have peace so you can be happy, peace with in you so that anger don't eat you up in side. Take control ask God to bring that to your heart and make a mends with what happened to you. At the end of the day it's your life that you have to live and its too short to hold a grudge against someone that you no longer talk to and you always think about. They are not thinking about you. If they never say sorry and reach out it's okay. Let them Go . God removed them for a reason God gave you lessons for a season and will give you someone forever as well. You will have good friends in your life a good man in your life will come. God will do it for you , have patience.

I speak this on to you all I speak this on my life as well. God fearing friends that support and guide me. There attentions are for my good as I become a witness to them and help them as well. A good God fearing man to love on my kids just as much as if its his own.

Let this be a proclamation to you and to the world that Letting Go is for your peace you don't even have to speak to them but stop hold on to something that don't want to be there, or is already gone.

Love y'all !!

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