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Hair Growth Challenge

  1. 2-3 Drops of Liquid gold Hair growth Oil.

  2. A Balance diet

  3. Vitamin Intake

  4. Protective styles.

Let get into it!

  1. Liquid Gold Oil do more than just growth, this oil enhance your hair follicles it makes sure when your hair is growing it benefits 3 major things for your hair. One strength it keeps your hair strong with do breakage and also retracts your split ends. Two it moisturizes your roots to tip. Applying this oil to your tips will make sure the moistures locked in. Three of course you see massive growth!! Let alone this could typically see a change in your brain activity and make you more active and energized in the morning. I use my oil at night and some in the morning as well. Keeps me balanced.

  2. A Balance diet is to stay away from too much but eat in moderation. You can have your cheat days but only have a light (piece of sweets) snack. I have oatmeal in the morning with fruit if I feel. A small shake. Lunch something light chicken sandwich, or a salad with a protein inside. 1 snack before dinner and go All out; but not too heavy for dinner such as pasta and chicken, chicken marsala, shrimp scampi, steak, Diner is protein overload with something green or a veggie. Water all day and a snack 3 hours before bed. You will start to see you being more active and where you're active your body receive good nutrients throughout the day. Leaving it easy for your hair and nails and organs to be healthy.

  3. Vitamins such as biotin or daily vitamins also helps with your immune system this tackles everything that may harm you. If there is sickness going around your body is able to fight off anything that may come in contact and retract the germs easier because of your high immune system. I take women's daily every day in the morning and biotin at night.

  4. A protective style is a style that doesn't pull the hair too tight but looks modest. All you have to do is look it up and try to find a good beautician that people rave about. One thing a women will spend money on is our crown! I tend to look up day to day hair styles that is for natural hair like a twist in the front and curls in the back. For the women that is starting your natural hair stage it's okay to braid your hair up and throw on a glue less wig. Also get a Senegalese twist or cornrows. Whatever you do make sure it's not pulling too tight when you see bumps.

I hope this helped anyone out there I know my content is slow I do have other occupations being a mom and putting myself through school. We are strong women in this world, and I love to see our crown shine so divine like wine. Remember Invest in your hair its the crown you never take off. GOD BLESS

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