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Your Worthy Price More Than Rubies.

Noble she is worth far more than rubies.

Worthy an acknowledgment of how you honor that individuals presents when they come in contact with you. Spreading a positive atmosphere of your soul towards those persons. Knowingly knowing your value; how you don’t compare, with a humble heart. I am the one you love and show love to. When you are with me, life is less stressful because I do that. When you are with me eyes are drawn to us trying discover or uncover the secrets to happiness. When you with me worrying is not an option everything is taking care of. You don’t have to worry if I locked the doors at night ,  a learned behavior is I always check the locks. You don’t have to worry I will get everything on the grocery list. Remembering it’s a special day for you because you discussed this conversation before. Remembering you don’t like me to touch your feet so I don’t. Your dislikes of nose the saliva is removed from someone’s mouth is distasteful for you. To your core you like it when I give you compliments on your insecurities because you need to know it’s Gods imperfections that make you beautiful . I like the boost of me loosing weight although it was only 2 lbs this week. With me you don’t worry because I acknowledge your presents and your soul has meet mine.

You must know how much I’m supposed to mean to you. How much I bring to your life light and if you lose it it’s a world that you always wanted is now gone. If I’m gone you’re dead inside. You can’t possibly think with out me you will prosper,  humbling I believe you could try with a great effort , but my presents will never hit you in the same way when I’m gone.

My worth is God given ;  a child that is covered and the price is worthy of consideration to be accepted in your circle and possibly make your circle. When I know I am worthy they should act upon it. my excellence behoove you and motivates your interest. My intellect motivates your ignorance , it’s a principle of principality to describe my knowledge to know you know my worths currency. Love of God cant be measure with a mans ; there is a limit , Gods love and word is forever. Know this my worth … your worth is worthy price more than rubies.

So let yourself know your valued your loved your able and capable! He doesn’t know that, leave him! It’s not worth the stress to make him know. She’s not paying attention remove your self from that situation. Don’t let someone discourage what you love and your passion. You know your worth. If you ever forget read Proverbs 31-10. She is worth far more than rubies … “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”…And Job 28 : 18 ; “price of wisdom is beyond rubies"

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