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You became weak to win the Weak

I want to make this a personal message to someone . When you tell your story and something you made it out off such as a hardship in a relationship or a institution or constantly making choices that set you back abs your mindset was out of wack. That story you tell can save someone going through it because you know what it's like. When you lose someone close and blame the world for it and constantly devolve a habit of drinking or medication to numb the pain. The pain won't be numb the pain will temporary go away. It will still haunt you in a middle of a test trying time for you lost a job got evicted on the edge of peeing a lot of loans and people money. Credit is shot because you are trying to catch up on the bills. Cost of child care trust me I was in it ! Thoughs moments of stress it was ooohhh child I need a drink. Even when you may think all things are fine and your feeling accomplished and want to celebrate like yessss girl let toast to you! That one drink turns into 3 then 5 shots and 2 mix drinks and now your loud and acting criminal. This was not your intentions but that thing your celebrating is now a future regret in the morning. This has all happened to me and or anyone can concur with me. The point of the matter is it's a temporary fix or a temporary session of celebration that hurts latter. Are you okay with a blessing that is only occasionally and then hurts you in the long run. Are you okay with a man that is "God fearing "but turns out he like women and men? Dose everything right just want to cheat with other people men or women. The devil is a lie!

This scripture tells us that we go through our trials to help other and seek God , tell other what he has done and what he will do for you too. I'm here to tell you God can be you fix but not temporary. It last a lifetime, a real Christian is always happy because the peace they have in Christ. Trust me I'm happy and find it easy to live this way because if I would of the world and drinking my problems away which I did ; it hurts my mind hurts my body the situation still haunts me. Now I see myself being in a head space that is without worry because there is God holding my hand and you all God is real! He is in my life many of times I could been going mental after the millions of people in my ear telling me don't do that you can't do this. I am still having to battle with the same thing in my ear . When I hear it it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. God moves it and brings the love in. God stop a lot of things from happening to me. The blessings I have in counter with farther of my children trying hurt me more than any human should want to do. I still till this day do not understand what in the world did I do for that person to do certain thing to me and try to put on me. I'm here to tell you now if you have that issue , get up call me I am here and I will talk you trough it. I now have the ability to get things rolling and women out of bad situations with the abused relationship . There are times I double check outside and in side my house I pray over my house and make sure my kids are in there beds. This may seem normal but n my head I think of things like he can find me and pop up. The God I serve will protect me and send a protector to me as well.

So when you think about your story just know someone eles it living it as well so let's go help them today. Show the love a peace of God today.

Love y'all!

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