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You are valued

I want to go a little concrete on this subject so I can reach a broader audience a more cynical group. When you value you something is almost as if you worship it showing higher standards of. When you take care of something it is to do work a selfless deed that you want to nobody has to help you , you'll figure it out, nothing is going stop your from doing what you want your determined.

So why can the average human make or female vaule there bodies the same way. We have lost the ability to love . The lost of love in the world and value of true love. Modesty has changed covering up is condsidered weird . When was the last time you read a complete book; time goes by faster. The things we once have aberration for is losing its value. The body is the least respected organ on earth, with in the letters of the Lord , markings , piercings , drinking , smoking , vaping. All are harmful but your able to change it with in a day or two and never drink agin. When it comes to sexual orientation between a women and a man , that sticks for a long time. You are physically and mentally bound. It's as of there is a ton of brick on your shoulders holding you closer to the ground if you sleep with the wrong person. You have no fulfillment. A gain of peaceful resolution after the fact. A promise that that will come back and be better the next time and the next time and time again. Where do you find the time to bring your self to the point where you have to give a peace of you everyday because they going take it anyway. This is not a way to live. If think about what your really doing is taking a chance at life to possible get a STD or die.

It is your choice it's your body but maybe you should preserve it for someone who would respect it enough to wait. If they couldn't wait ... that to me is not love that is lust. Lust can only last so long, lust don't stay when the bills are due and your boobs are different . Lust don't stay when you have a mental break down and can't figure out what's going on with you and help find a solution and pray over you. Lust wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night to drive to you because your lonely and want to cuddle. Lust is not of God . It's a trick to see they are beautiful just long enough to get attached and desperate to want them.

Your body is a temple of God what God has for you is for you just wait and you'll find that person is or is not for you.

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