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Stop worrying About what They Think

This is your life to live. Gods plan is purely yours . Focus on what that is for you. Search for your life to become peaceful and fulfilling to you. You merely have to devote your love to yourself as God intended. Once a person disrespect your character, your boundaries and pushing you to do the wrong things or things that you know is hurting you . Take the blinders off , remove that sleep out of your eye wake up and refresh your face , that cools the body. Loving yourself the way God intended to be ; you would have to be humbling conceited about God. If it’s not about him it’s beneath you they are not worthy to orbit your surroundings because of the negative aspects they bring to your personal space. It’s about your joy your peace your achievements your accomplishments. You can’t have somebody always in your head hindering you from your destiny. If it’s for me I will have it if it for me I will control the narrative the way I want it to go. God has the finally say if I proclaim it it’s mine. I will be great I will have that husband that Loves God and love me the way God loves me. My kids will be rich in life on earth and rich in there ways. My life is not over I am running this race with God and it’s going be a whole lot of prayer and supplication and I’m making through these test and passing with all my might.

You have to work that faith work that devote yourself to God. Meaning if it take you to humble yourself to let people know you don’t want to do girls night out because you have a test on Tuesday or baby I’m sorry I can’t come over because all y’all do is gossip and drink that’s not my life no more I’m headed towards the reward of the Kingdom and grabbing the Keys. It’s not worth the mental state of mind to get back to depression and stay there. It’s not worth a hangover because the party was all night and I can’t function in the morning. I love sleep I love waking up knowing God is on my side. If that’s a problem for you ; you don’t have to care about me coming because baby I’m not. I wasn’t everything that is going to lift me up and have my back at hard times you can’t do that for me I don’t want it!

Let this devotion to the word set you free let this world be your stomping grounds and show them what God can do. It’s not their story it’s yours watch what people are saying in close doors in the dark about you. It will come around and keep that in your pocket because the day will come where you use there words to remind them how ugly they where in a valuable time for you. It’s not their story so let them go keep moving on child they not worth that battle. I learned along my mistakes that if they not willing to change, they don’t want to change the way they act towards you they don’t love you nor you can’t help them. Pray from a far that day may come when they finally will.

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