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Slients Operation

It's not okay to talk about your plans to people that don't want you to prosper in life . the word said to hold your peace ,he who refrains his lips is wise. Proverbs 10:19.

When you see someone constantly trying to make you seem as though you always lying and keep saying stuff like you use to do this and use to do that. You know your heart what you are striving to become and have changed and is changing ; to that person that is knocking you down , I know this may be hard but you must not say anything. If a person has to make sure you know they are doing so good and life is better then yours and try to show off , but not as a encouragement . Ignore it they have became foolish. Proverbs 17:3 God test people heart to see if there intentions are pure. To the ones that are not being the pure hearted ones and are trying to show off, maybe look at it in a different perspective you don't know what that person is going through they maybe needed you in a point in time but instead makes the situation about you pushing a negative light so they pull away. Maybe you should stay silent as well. For the people that are in this situation in todays scripture focus on Proverb 26 verse 4 answers not a fool according to his folly “Answer not a fool according to his folly, Lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own conceit.”

‭‭so when you make a space for an argument is when you respond back , that taps into you become the fool as they have became foolish as well. Then this is breaking Gods law arguing or provoking is the start of seemly foolish or not wise; for your heart was meant to up set them. You reacting to this responds is becoming the fool and provicking them back to get them up set ; your intention on purely trying to match what they did to you or worst. This is the works of the devil, he starts mess and want mess to be started.

In all retrospect stay silent respond to nothing when it doesn't bother you to began with. Let them become the fools of there own intent and keep your mouth closed; slow to speak slow to anger slow to wrath James 1:19.

As for the aggressor watch what to say to people as well All this hard work I'm putting in to do the right thing to keep my soul clean. You have no clue what they have gone through the late nights , if it's a mother balaceing a work life situation and have challenges with the time Mangement with the job and the kids and husbands new projects or someone talks about your child being behind in class , your husband is being degraded in the work space or even when it with family members. Don't get me started on us single mothers when me being a single mom living this life in progress of getting a college degree , and two boys I worry if someone comes up to them and tell them that they can only be this to be successful. Me balancing school homework housekeeping a job , my kids homework. At the end of the day look online or hear someone saying that all this is not going to work for me or I'm not going amount to what me expectations or even trying to show off what I don't have is trying to deface me. You feel accomplished because of that I will pray for the people who would do that to someone that's foolish. That you would stoop that low to get to me but I feel peace at night that I wouldn't want that on my worst enemy. We must stop showing our blessing as a slap in the face more of a motivation. I would want you to see my projects and new ventures as success and you strive to find God in this work. God tells you something it's good for you and you must do it!

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