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Shondasstyles Motivations

Nothing like the word giving you a message in todays time.

Ezekiel 2:1-10

1God said stand up and he will speak.

2When the presents of the lord enters you (Holy Ghost) he then speaks to you and let you know what your next move ish when hear a word from God you must listen. Because it's a word and might miss it.

3 now this is about the world being rebellious not doing what they know is right from wrong and using the exchange of what God has mercy on them for there own advantage.

4 he satiating they had seen there heart they refuse to listen and be a worker of Christ. So he is sending his called one the ones that are followers of God of him and have walked with Me(God) to go to them.

5 now as you go they will not listen they will stay neutral. They will still rebel,but they now know a prophet is among them. A teacher of God is connected to them.

6 Gods saying there going be words and your going be around scorpinions ( night insect) at night is when they are up. But don't be at dismay and remeber who you are and who they are. They are rebellious and you a child of God!

7so you speak about me weather they hear you or not. Spread my name!

8 don't rebel like the other.

9 when you look there is a hand and a ro of books ( the knowledge will be before you.

10And this is when Ezekiel speread the word that was written in you. You know the words and with out you say them it's covering you and protect you when your low and feeling distressed it will bring you out Ang Joy comes in the morning!

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