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Past is who I am

I am tired of saying I was in an abusive relationship… I just want that to go way. I am tired of explaining why I stayed and it’s my fault I’m dumb. No the abuse was not on me it was not my fault. Fault me for loving someone that was troubled and I would take it so they could know love is here. Fault me love I have it here for you. Fault me I was brave for staying , stronger for realizing , A women for leaving ! This past defines who I am today. Wrong to say it doesn’t . If I haven’t been through a past that was so hard the journey that will come ahead I wouldn’t bear it. Thank God he pushed me through, thank God for my family . Thank God Thank God! I have the yes to see what I am capable of. I have the hands that shows my skills, I have the head space to make the unstoppable happen. I know my worth.

That man has no power over you . You can make it out , that demon in your head telling you your face is not smooth enough your body is not curvy enough your hair is not long enough. Change it ! Start that hair routine if you don’t like what you see. Lift weights to get results. Find an away to remove the scars God will reveal to you what you could have never seen before all the noise.

What’s not giving you value or bringing a positive atmosphere in your orbit remove and ignore it’s not worth fighting for. If they’re not trying let it Go!

They have many distractions that can accrue in your life to stop greatness. It’s up to you to move in the lord let him Work and you give him the glory for that.

It is tiresome to hear it where is the farther ; you’re so strong , you want to get married?

The new one is “you want more kids”? Childdd I have 2 too many and the ring is not on my finger. So why would that be an option , yea I sinned yea I laid down and made my bed , but I’m no longer living in sin, no longer listening to the noise . I want all that God has to offer me and more.

1Timothy1:3-4 false doctrine is telling yourself what you’re doing is okay as long as I confess my sin and praise God. But no you confess your sins and make a turn around meaning you have to do the opposite of what you did not continue, Drinking and strong drink (alcoholic) is a sin, living with a man or women and you’re not married is a sin and complicated ; stealing ,killing , cussing , sex before marriage, sins! False Gods your worshiping sin, only one man that was born of God (Jesus) which was a living example of the love of God and stood as a gap for our sins (Mark1)

Anything that promotes confusion such as a gender change and pronouns is not of God. You may hate me for what about to say but hey I’m human and here to witness . God love all but would never agree to someone that said he made a mistake . You are born a boy you love like girls/women and are a man when grow old. When you are born a girl you are as such a girl growing to become a women. There is no such thang as I feel like I am this. I was not a girly girly and still has crushes my whole life. I was born with 2 brothers and was a very rough young lady. That’s just how that was. What happened to you after birth is your choice but the gender change and the life style of LBGTQ is a sin just as the others. It is a life style choice . You are not born that way.

I am not going to sit here while everyone try’s to throw down our necks as we must except your lifestyle . We can all work in harmony it’s okay if you don’t agree but I’m not going argue. You take it or leave it as my option of opinion as you would put it. As such as yours. When it comes to a certain life style there is an emptiness that you feel and I had that feeling something was missing and everything I did was not filling me with peace or love or joy; although I was here on earth there was not a purpose or a goal I wanted to reach, something to excite me. So I kept the alcohol down or the smoke take over my thoughts. When I closed my heart to that type of life . My life had a purpose I learned my why beside the stereotype my kids were my why. My kids have been motivation to find it but they are the reason I found my why. Fighting to keep them happy ; my kids are a reflection of me and want to know if others are okay I asked that to my people , so my kids asked me and that is what keeps me going. Showing them they can do it just like Momma did.

So preach minister or just let a soul know God is the reason and have a plan it’s your responsibility and choice to take it.

That struggle you went through the pain you had show it off and let the world know God did. The trials you had to face finically mentally , physically, you’re still here because of God! Your past defines you battle wounds are truly what makes you. Let that past shine and you grow imagining where you were just 3 years 3 months or even 3 days ago. You are free.

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