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My Body My Choice

Absent restrain until marriage.

Why is it so hard for the common humane to think of themselves and their body to be without sin. To be fleshly strong. It's a touchy subject but we all revert back to 1Corenthians 6. My body is the temple of God. Now what does this mean. Is it I am an image of Christ so I must do what he say. Is it I can do what to want with my body because it's my body gave me and chose to make the decision. All is true to extent. You love your body in which Christ wants you to.

Let's look at it in different perspective. Say you really like this guy and y'all are dating for a couple of weeks he asked for the deed and you give it to him . Next day no text back no call.. not answering any messages nor texting back . Then the next day and the next you finally get a message ... wyd.

Was the deed worth the waiting on a text was the deed . Worth the stress you felt , the amount of time that was wasted wondering if he would text back or call back. You could have saved yourself and your body for someone you got to know and built a relationship that you know would text back call you back.

Maybe with another situation you have the long successful relationship you give yourself to him just as intended. With this as the scripture says you do what you want we are not made to behave as Gods toy, but an image of him. What you do with that person you become anything and everything they are as well. You are now connected to each other.

“All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭6‬:‭18‬

So it's like a a soft and suddel affliction on yourself everytime you get in bed with someone that is not meant for you or not your husband. Your suppose to unity as one this is the most s sacred deed you do to yourself, and for the world they have looked passed it with out knowing they are not complete. They have something missing and couldn't get that back untill you turn your body to Christ who knows you better then yourself.

I have become celibate and at first they have urges that you may feel even people will try to test your body temptations. It is with prayer and fastening I have become more aware with my body and keeping myself holy and safe with God. Because he is the only one that knows who that Man is that will secure my body and keep it safe, respect it and love it the way God intended it to be.

A touch of your body is supposed to be love it's better to keep yourself untill you can be shown what your heart and body means to the other person.

Many times in my life I gave myself to someone and they haven't been honest about what they feel about me instead use me for there selfish reason. So it's time I don't give them that power to do that to me and it's time I think about me to love me and focus on me until someone can show me they see my body as a well deserved prize and a gift from God. A man should want to search for God to get to me.

Your body is your choice chose to keep that only part that you can control and your emotions well with in yourself.

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