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It’s coming for your Good

When you start to say no to spending money and want to find ways to elevate your life style and surround yourself with like minded individuals. That is the sign of Maturity. So you know what you want to do out of this life ; you found your purpose. The problem is how are you going be successful in it.

So your job is to reach a place to study your craft. Read a book , a blog , go to seminars, lunchings talk to business leaders and take courses. Find the plan that can fit your life style now that will get you there. You can't just sit around saying I'm going to be a writer and not pick up a pencil, or I'm going be a singer and not sing anywhere. you go out and get it to become something. Nothing easy comes from longevity.

People know this and insist on telling themselves I'm lazy I know; at least I admit it. Point out that they have flaws but don't seem to try to fix the flaws just tell everybody they have that issue and will never fix it. Don't get me wrong a issue such as the way you do things ; like washing dishes; i have a rack for it to dry some people prefer a dry rag. The way you wear your hair every day in the same ponytail. That's not hurting your progression in life. When it's impactful is your contantly late for work so your fired , you constantly have an attitude with some one , you have to have a an argument with someone before the day is over . You only think of things that you can get out anything. That has to stop. Start asking yourself what is my ways that upset peoples. How I'm going to fix it . What is this to benefit me as a person. Once these things are recognized you will start to fill lighter. Not hold any burdens over your head. Your life will be revealed as something profound and not always so negative. Once you find your why and what you enjoy consistently do find peace. You ask you shall receive seek and you will find. Sometime just sit back and bask in the goodness your answer to your problems is there just block all the noise out you will be okay and remind yourself daliy I am okay. I will be oky.

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