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I lack nothing

Your mind needs be a space where you navigate the negative outward and positive inward. When you think it it shall come to pass. Your mind is all you have to precvie greatness. Practice giving yourself compliments everyday you will start seeing people look at you more and compliment you. Practice telling yourself you will pass this test you are intelligent, you can set up a meeting. You are capable, you will open that buiness. It will come to you as God intended.

The lord is my shepherd .."The lord is my ...person who protects, guides, or watches over a person or group of people." I shall not want ..." I shall not lack... not abviliable in short supply.

A prestigious person will power is what they know what they lack and contradict the lack there of. A passion of yours has to come from what you feel most vulnerable in. Singing . Dancing . Painting . Playing an instrument. Public Speaking . Presenting a skill to a company or a group of constituents I will do this with thing out getting a major profit. When you find that and lord your God has your back on it. You will lack nothing. You shall not want!

I ask for you today to draw up a plan to find your passion find something or even think about what would you enjoy with out getting paid. Ask God to rain down his glory on it. Your going have the enemiey attack maybe mild here and there to throw you off your game. Stay focus redirect your mind; that's why you write out the plan keep it somewhere near you so that if anything happens you have that blueprint. Pray daily and die in sin daily so that your mind is sound. Meaning you have a clear thought about what you need to go and hear God words telling you and guiding you on that journey . Protecting you against in any form.

If it not serving you purpose if it's not enhancing something with in you or in your life in any form or fashion please let it go. Don't linger on it make sure it's God ... it is him he wants you to leave that man Alone! A man that constantly wants to come over your house but never ask you out . A women that is all in your Dms about what you do for living. A guy that could care less about what is going on with Jerika being fake, but takes the time out for 3 months to listen and the second you give him some ( even though your not in the will of God) his text messages are slow or he busy all of a sudden. When it comes to the date the lady order everything off the menu and have no intention on making this a real date just wanted a free meal for the night.

All of this is a distraction every man have a women for them and same for every women. You must focus on your will God has out for you and the man will come , that women will be revealed. Stay focused know that God is your provider protector and with him your lack is non existent.

Love y'all !

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