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God reveals the noise we can't hear behind the doors.

Be sategricly oblivious to there plans to stop you. Ignorance in there eyes is what your make it. In this story between David and Johnathan is one of my new found love . It shows the wisdom and understanding that a lot of this world no longer have between each other. Trust people has faded and the love Johnathan shows and have his back is more of a brother hood.

So Davis comes to Johnathan about Saul the king trying kill him and Johnathan was like no I haven't heard anything everything that happens comes through me first. The king don't do anything or think anything with out me. So David was like bro he trying kill me man. David made a proclamation tomorrow when I'm suppose to be at the dinner I will say I went back home the Bethlehem for a ritual I must not miss. Instead I will wait in the field. Now if Saul gets angry he trying kill me ! He also said “As for you, show kindness to your servant, for you have brought him into a covenant with you before the Lord. If I am guilty, then kill me yourself! Why hand me over to your father?””

When you know something is about to go down and you have a person on the inside not nessarly on game to what is going one but you can try to let them know this might be a situation. So tell the person on the inside of the house to stay calm and make not heist And if there is issue with anyone have them come to me directly.

The scriptures goes on to how they both strategicly came up with a plan to let each other know Saul is going to kill or not kill David. For this is when wisdom came in to play they used instruments such a arrow and also boy to justify the well though out plan. this goes to tell you.

No Matter what may come near you to hurt you God will give you the tools to have a plan to seek out the truth and see what the enemy is trying to do. You would know to flea if you need to and stay if he say stay. He will show you what you need to see and do. When people said God told me you know it's coming from him because it's a good thing that don't make any sense. Something only a miracle would be the decribtion. Keep God first and whatever you do don't deveate . Because as soon as you think it's over he shows all hip is lost God comes thank him when you got it , thank him when you don't have it. Think him when you trying find him agin . Thank him for keeping you safe, alive , healthy, and sound minded.

We will watch what's going on but God reveals the noise we can't hear behind the doors.

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