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God is here

I want to do something a little different today and pick on something that we all have forgotten. So we going through some type of hardship wether it's finically, mentally, emotionally, physically. We all have different stroke and different yolks right!

Well I want to give some back story on my life I grew up in a Apostolic, Pentecostal , stomping on the devil, bumping hard for Jesus Church. That is still in me my family have breaded that in me God allowed me to be apart of a true Christian family community. With that being said I had my devils in my ear and wanted to tap in to that type of life style. So as you can see not married with 2 boys is not what the family ordered. I did feel like I'm not worthy I'm not here to be used as a vessel I'm just going get by by the skin of my teeth. It was me at first , but I herd the sound of God come in my dreams and showed me a life that he has and wants for me. It's not going be easy and your going be doing a lot of stuff you don't to do but the happiness and joy of your children will drive you. The father that is supporting and you your family is going be proud that a lemon little girl like me is so powerful with God in her she is going have everyone speaking to her want to know her name. So I proclaim that in you as well.

With this scripture Moses was told to do something to anoint his brother and his brothers son. He was wouldn't be able to be in the place but see the place. He put an assignment on his head and many are called for an assignment that God has put on your head. May not be what you want to do but the joy and happiness will be the worth!

So I am on this journey with God talking to him daily as I speak to you about the goodness of God. Pray for me because we are human just like you all ; we are tempted to do wrong we are all living in a sinful world but our choices are what's going make us.

Back to what this scripture spoke to me on is of course God is assigning you, but during that assignment your going to be attacked. When your on that path of righteousness the devil will hurt a chance or make a move every chance he gets and he doesn't stop. So I want to encourage you ; even if your not on a path to this place of righteousness keep God in your corner. You never know when that devil will try to take you out. In every dark situation maybe a job you needed and didn't get, your child is sick, you was cheated on with the a man you loved or women you wanted to marry, your heart is heavy, your suffering depression; began to pray. Simple as talking to him and asking him for forgiveness ask him for peace with what happened "lord please hear me I'm sorry and I need you right now to come in my life and protect me against this demon that is trying to take over what you have made beautiful. I want to be more like you and speak life in to my life. For I know in my heart you are the only God that can do all things and strengthens me. I love you lord and thank you for doing what are already about to do for me. "

So keep a Bible close start with Proverbs to get an clear understanding what God is . Matthew and mark for what Gods love looks like.

He love you and I love you have a good day today!

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