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Go For It SiS

When you look at these verses God is speaking to you about having faith in man can bring along a place where you trust in something that will not see what God see only what they see in front of them. When there is only fleshy good it's nothing to gain; there is no power there isn't anything or anywhere that can give you a solution or an answer. But the Power thats is with in you when your with in Christ Jesus.

As you know a man of this world can be a distraction. For example: you meet him at the club y'all are both drinking round for round . He looks good smell good saying all the right things and has the right career . Has a condo "bachelors pad" the conversation leads to more dates and months later you meet his friends . After that Incounter it's safe to say you all are dating . Something throws you off you wasn't introduced as his girl friend . Just "yourname" that night was a little blurry from the shots and mixed drinks. As well you finally gave yourself away to him and trusted him to be responsible with that.

Days turns to weeks weeks turn to months . He is different no more extended text message or phone calls late at night there isn't any dates that you pick it's always with the "boys ". Everything for this point on is questionable . Do you notice this ? Nope the drinking and partying was all fun and games but all this was a distraction to what this man is really like. He was a guy that didn't have a father in his life and his mother loved him from a jail cell as he bounce around foster care. He was tormented untill the age of 16 when he ran away from foster care. He was homeless untill the age of 18 was blessed enough to find someone that saw on the street put clothes on his back and gave him a job. That one person that found him wasn't what you thought he was working the house as an assistant for him and was treated as a slave. The way the person talked to him it was as though you wasn't even humane As he grew older that person passed and only had one will for his income and all assets was with a Grandson of his. Blessed enough the person who found him on the streets grandson was a Billionaire and Hired him to take over that company and this is where he stands today. So every person he has had contact with was not a good to him or God fearing person he was never introduced to God and never would understood the struggles he went through roughing it out trusting man..

I say this she never got to know him and he could care less about her so they live this life together for years not knowing each other . For God lives everyday knowing you and giving you love and putting people in your path to help you. Why trust in man when God can grant you forever. Love Peace compassion.

Keep your head up and keep your focus on God . Everything will pull threw. Take that step forward and try it you'll love it here.

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