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Don’t believe That Man unless

God is the truth the light and everything good. If it's not good it's not for you it's not God.

If a man speaks but you never see any action don't believe him. Look at a man they way he treats his mother his sister his cousin or how he acts towards strangers. If he is kind if he takes control of a disrespectful person. Can he lead and is this a praying man.

God is true so his children is truth. God is not a man , Simple as that God tells you not to put your trust in man. For what ... for what .. what man has love for you that much as he wants you to be happy. Don't get me wrong they may be that person that wants to see you happy. But that love unconditional love , It could only come from God. With out his word it is not valid. It doesn't set President to his moral principle.

For reference he constantly says he is going lose weight and get his own buiness yet he works his 9-5 sits on the couch and watch the tv. No ambition no will to keep going forward. Never wants to get up and go anywhere with you. When the time come to ask let's go he would make an excuse. Besides what the word of God says. Look at what he is doing . There is not a move he makes that he said he is going to do.

Instead a man that you see doing the work to find a way to lose the weight either in the gym or at home. Motivating you to start your buiness and a call every moring to make sure you doing what you said what your going to do. I don't know a man that doesn't have a real relationship with God or that know God is real that do not have an ambition bone in his body.

With all of the thoughts that come to mind not only to think about a man's word women are hold accountable as well. We support that vision you spouse have and do what you have to to make it work. Women as well be a women of your word. If you said today I'm going to start saving for a house open up that savings account. If you said your going start your buiness start going to pop up shops. Make it happen!

Have faith that Gods plan for you will not fail it can't and his word and what God wants is the only way. He is not a man that could lie nothing comes from God is a lie and nothing will hurt you.

Let God know your plans first and he backs you up.

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