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Do Not Drift away

That's Okay..

Turn around and see God.

To my backsliders you did it because you did not turn away from sin. You did it because you stop paying attention. You did it because you let the world mentality manipulate your ear . Take it back take it all back. Every thought every moment in time you wished for something to happen. Pray your self back to Jesus God forgives faster and better than anyone and anything. God is not a God that lies if he said it he meant if God said it you got to do it. You let that person in your ear discuss that your not this but you’re weird for this. Let it be a weird thing let it be hard for everyone else. Don’t follow in there struggling footsteps we want to prosper. Not join the company of misery.

Pay attention to what you hear and stay away if it makes you weak. Don’t do it and try to test what you can do own your own your not God! God can fight it but don’t put yourself in a situation where you know you don’t need to be doing. Now everything is said and done where do you stand and where is the manipulator  same and you’re more depressed now than ever. It’s okay to hurt people feeling let it go.

It’s okay to tell them hey they way to talk like that triggers me then move on. It okay to take the high road it’s Gods battle so when he do something it’s ground breaking !

So continue to pray continue to show up , show God you’re serious. Because God don’t play about his power for his children . There is no sin to big that God won’t forgive you from. It doesn’t matter what you did it’s how you react and change your life. Gods love runs deep and he wants you on the path of righteousness.

Forgive me oh lord it’s me again *2. I disobeyed your word I step out on your will ,regretful I stand it me again.

Send your mercy , down from glory ,Lord please purge me

Renew me - fix me again.

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