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Act Accordingly

Do you ever feel like your in content with what is going on not that it's lead by faith. More of I'm going here for a while so im going to seat here. Felt like your going through the motions. Your supposed to learn something everyday; your teaching yourself to stay alive and get closer to your purpose. Some people are stuck at the same job they hate for years just because it's stable. It's time to stop that. Feed that soul something and learn what your purpose it.

One might think your faith is working but you find yourself resting in the mess. Down for the longest and feel content. No people get up go walk 6 am. Get your bloood flowing. Get back motivated! Watch a motivational speech. Remember why your here on earth.

God has chosen everyone here for a purpose to find a way through your gift to help them through there struggle. We all can be an hidden angle for another person.

So take that journal right down your goals for the day, start looking for a job or a second job to get a spark back flowing in your soul. When it comes to the word of God as well with this text it's meant to be a Ragnar heart and soul searcher for the God.

Seeking him daliy learning his ways listen for God to speak to you. When people sayGod spoke he will it might not be a long conversation but he will speak .

Also for these false profits stop using this Bible to discourage others you know your heart is not in it. Using God to get your flesh quenched is a sin it's self.

Instead let's be willing because we want to . We want to for ourselves , not for anything material ; I want the love for myself. Seek for your self start doing what you want to do I'm sure you'll love it !!

Love y'all!

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