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Hair Type

Hair is easy to maintain straight some may be thicker the rest but your strands can hold a done straight look!


Your hair needs to grow this is the product for you. You do not have to put much try my new and Improved LQG Serum. This product is meant for after wash, co wash even mixed with dry shampoo 2--3 pumps and done!

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Hair Type 

These corkscrew coils can range in size and are most prone to frizz, and on occasion dryness.


Keep looking shinny and frizz free LQG is the product for you while growing your hair down to your legs the shine will follow! This hair is hard to control when the curls are frizzy with the a curl activator hair oil and a gel on the ends and air dry will control the frizz and keep the bounce.

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Hair Type

Your hair is more of a natural wave to big curls. I must say more in to the 2c you have problems with frizz. Well to keep these curls bouncing 2-3 drops of LQG on the palm of your hand and run it through.


 LQG hair growth oil will maintain the coco nut oil give the ends a moisture, in the root of the  hair bring it to glissen in the sun try it out for 1 week and see the massive results. It not just hair growth oil its revamping hair across the world. products that is well with this set of hair is the Patterns Collection by "Trace Ellis" 

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Hair Type

Tight coils you have hair that bends in a sharp angles, summer months dry and brittle. I struggle with this I know. Stay tuned my Ebooks will assists with this problem


What is good for my hair is down the scalp the oil goes once in the morning and once at night. Wait a week results will scare you. The organic coconut oil enhances the shine and promotes hair growth with a split end detector. A win-win situation. No more dry scalp or ends. A little goes a long way. 2-3 drops on your ends as well can seal moisture. The best hair product that is moving mountains for this hair in moisturizer is a custard Carols Daughter as well there. coco cream coil enhance butter! 

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